5 best friends of Meghan Markle break silence

Five of the best friends of Meghan Markle (37) ‘the British Duchess’ have for the first time opened a book about their beloved friend. They say that all negative reports about Meghan are lying and that the origin of all criticism cannot be found within her.

Although the interview seems to suggest a spontaneous action, it would be impossible for Prince Harry’s wife to be unaware. It would therefore be an excellent opportunity to thoroughly polish her image.

5 best friends of Meghan Markle together break silence

After a two-year silence, five friends of Meghan Markle think it’s “time for the truth.” “We have to stand up against the global bullying against Meghan. She has been silent in recent times and has only collected all reproaches and falsehoods.” Especially now that Harry and Meghan are expecting their first child, the friends are worried. “What this situation can do with the baby is worrying, yes. It is totally wrong to give anyone this amount of emotional stress, let alone someone who is pregnant.”

Cook for herself

During the conversation, the five ladies that are best friends of Meghan Markle – who claim to remain anonymous to protect their relationship with Meghan – want to put the finishing touches to a number of issues. From the relationship between Meghan and her father to the fulfilment of her daily life within the walls of the royal palace. “We have all been visiting,” it says. “It is pretty small inside and she has a very cozy atmosphere. But the perception about her lifestyle and reality is completely different. ‘Meg’ (as her girlfriends call her, ed.) And Harry just cook for themselves every day.”

5 best friends of Meghan Markle together break silence

“We recently spent a number of great days together,” says a friend from Los Angeles in the magazine. “Her husband was on a mission abroad. She had prepared a guest room for me, with even candlelight on the bed. I also got a pair of slippers and a bathrobe. We were the only ones there, it was our time together.”

One of the friends of Meghan Markle was also impressed by her cooking skills. “They were fantastic meals. And she made fresh tea every day. It was rainy outside, so the dogs were covered in mud. Meghan then wiped them with towels. Really, how much she likes to see her animals, she also likes to see her friends. She likes to take care of you. And that has not changed now that she is a royal.”

Rumours, gossip and untruths

Since her dream wedding with Prince Harry, Markle has been haunted by hurtful rumours, gossip and untruths. Like all reports about her father Thomas Jr., who would rather lose Meghan than being rich. “They make it seem as if all of her family is falling apart, but that is not the case in reality”, it sounds. “Those people just have never really been part of her life, so not even now. But Meghan’s father knows he can reach her if he wants to. But he has never called, never sent one message. A very painful situation!”

The friends of Meghan Markle want to make it clear once and for all that Meghan is not the diva for which she is depicted. “If you see her on the official visits: how she deals with children and start a real conversation with them, that is completely Meg! This is how she also deals with our children. It is her way to connect with people. She has always found that very important.” The energy that Meghan radiates, praises her friends. “She goes through life with such calm. Or that is how I felt that. With that calm she also experiences her marriage with Harry.”

According to her environment, Markle is also “the best possible listener”. Another friends of Meghan Markle continues: “At certain moments I think: ‘I have to talk to Meg again,’”. But “we sometimes have contact almost every day. And the first thing that Meghan always asks is ‘how are the children doing?’ I cannot even ask her about her, as long as I have not told you everything about my life.”

“Complete nonsense!”

Samantha Markle, the half-sister of Meghan, totally disagrees with the image that friends of Meghan Markle sketch of her. “This article is complete nonsense. There are enough text messages and receipts to prove the opposite,” she tweeted.

In a torrent of tweets, Samantha calls her sister a narcissist and, according to her, pays a lot of money to keep her image high. Also, friends of Meghan Markle, who are quoted in the interview, according to Samantha would not exist at all. “Sources are imaginary sources.”

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