5 gift ideas to offer to bless a woman around you!

There’s no need to worry whether she has just recently begun coming to church or if she was raised in the church. If her religion is strong, you can be sure she’ll appreciate any religious present you give her.

If you’re looking for a religious gift for your mother, grandmother, sister, wife, girlfriend, or any other significant lady in your life, here are some suggestions to get you started.

5 gift ideas to offer to bless a woman around you!

1. Christian stationery

She thinks, it’s a Christian blog for women, but also a store offering resources to help everyone grow with Christ. Notebooks, prayer or meditation journals, Bible studies, postcards, pens, tote bags, pouches: you will find a wide variety of tools that will bless the women around you!

Thanks to these products, your sister, wife, friend or co-worker will be able to grow in their faith, better meditate on the Word and have a more intentional prayer life! These tools will quickly become indispensable in your study and meditation times! With these gifts, for sure, you will bless and make your loved ones happy!

2. Personalized and handmade jewelry on Etsy

Etsy is a marketplace on which are registered various artists, creators and craftsmen who offer a wide variety of often handmade objects. By typing “Christian jewelry or “Christian jewelry”, you will find very pretty jewelry engraved with biblical verses or inspiring and encouraging phrases that will constitute an original and above all unique gift idea! The jewels in the image are available right here!

3. Posters or decorative objects

You can also opt for decorative objects such as posters or frames marked or engraved with Bible verses. By visiting the CLC website, you will find a wide variety of gift ideas of this type!

4. A Bible or a Christian book

No one ever says no to a new Bible or new Christian books. Today, there is a wide variety of Bibles created for women, such as the “Women listening to him” Bible, which is very successful. Don’t hesitate to visit CLC bookstores or the Maison de la Bible to choose a Bible that will perfectly meet your loved one’s expectations. You can also opt for a book that would deal, for example, with a problem that your loved one is encountering.

5. A card with an encouraging word

Finally, you can also opt for a small card or a handwritten letter. To do this, all you have to do is get small, pre-decorated cards sold in Christian shops and write an encouraging word, a prayer or a word of affection on them! The card in the picture comes from the House of the Bible.

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