5 reasons why guys pretend to like us, and how to understand it

Abuse and gaslighting are not the only aspects of toxic relationships that might be present. These include situations where one of the partners acts as though they are in love with the other. Each individual engages in this behaviour for his reasons. We will explain this to you and how to understand that you are confronted with such irritation in the material. Why do guys pretend to like us?

There are a few reasons that people stay with people they don’t really like, even though the reasons people stay with people they don’t really like are varied for everyone.

1. To take revenge on an ex

Even in romantic relationships, men don’t like to feel like they’ve lost. When a person breaks up with an ex-girlfriend, it can provide a significant blow to their emotions of pride and cut them deeply. Some men believe that getting back together with their ex-girlfriend or boyfriend is the best way to get their revenge and move on with their lives.

As a result, they put in a lot of effort to demonstrate that they have feelings for the girl and want to be with her. However, such therapeutic relationships rarely end up producing desirable outcomes in the long run.

When you conclude that your former boyfriend was not meant in the way that he said they were, you will, of course, feel the same way that he does, which is a mixture of concern and anger.

2. Due to the numerous benefits

5 reasons why guys pretend to like us, and how to understand it

It’s possible for a guy to fake loving you for his own advantage. For instance, because of the potential benefits that communication with the girl’s family can provide him or because of the financial rewards resulting from the relationship. Or it could be because he believes being around her will help him advance his profession.

It’s possible that the guy’s commercialism isn’t immediately visible. For instance, he might feel at ease with a certain girl if she is willing to disregard her personal limits to be with him.

3. For the sake of self-esteem

Some men struggle with poor self-esteem and struggle with feelings of insecurity. They view the possibility of winning a girl over who they feel they do not deserve as a means to test themselves and demonstrate that they are worthy.

Unhappily, this kind of self-affirmation has little to do with genuine feelings or a desire to be with other people. He stays here to take pleasure in the fact that he could accomplish this goal and triumph over unfavorable opinions he had of himself.

4. He is unsure of what he truly desires

A guy may be merely playing around when he says he loves you. He is confused about what he wants out of life and relationships, but at the same time, he does not want to lose you as a friend or partner.

This is what happens when people believe that all they need to feel better about themselves is a relationship of some kind, even if it’s only a casual friendship. Or, perhaps, they simply join them to avoid boredom

In the end, the guy will choose what he wants, and his decision might not have anything to do with what’s best for you.

5. To have a more favourable appearance in the eyes of society

5 reasons why guys pretend to like us, and how to understand it

Some people believe meaningful relationships are necessary to achieve success or gain societal approval. They regard loneliness as something that is either unacceptable or pathetic.

A guy can act as though he likes you just because he wants to be in a relationship rather than because of his feelings for you. Because of this role, he can feel more responsible for the people around him and more significant in their eyes.

How to know if a guy is pretending to like you

Those who lie are easily exposed by the words and acts they choose to use. However, due to the rose-coloured glasses we wear and the emotions we are experiencing, we may not always be aware of this. Here are some signs that the guy you’re with is not being honest.

1. Both his actions and his words are inconsistent

He may tell you he loves you today, but tomorrow he may be as unfeeling as ice. Or responds to every message you send before abruptly disappearing for a few days.

It is a warning sign if he frequently contradicts what he says and does or if there is a large gap between the two. A man who is sure of his thoughts, feelings, and intentions toward you will behave in a determined and consistent manner, particularly concerning matters of significance. It’s not like he’s trying to win you over or anything; he knows what he wants.

2. He does not introduce you to his friends and family

Introducing your relationship to family and friends is a major step. He asserts that the individual is sincere and does not aim to vanish from your life abruptly.

If you have been together for a long time but have not yet introduced each other to your respective friends and families, it is something to think about. “ in the case that he does not provide any justification for why he does not wish to carry out this action.

3. He is indifferent to how you are feeling

5 reasons why guys pretend to like us, and how to understand it

If a guy reacts unfavourably whenever you express your feelings, this could be a red flag that he does not have genuine feelings of his own. He makes no apology for the fact that he has angered you. When you could truly need his help, he’s not there for you.

A guy who is only playing the love game with you will only hang out when you are happy and at ease. During other times, though, he is more inclined to present a distant or disinterested attitude.

4. He prioritizes the interests of other people before your own at all times

When two people are in a healthy relationship, they consider and respect one another’s interests. On the other hand, if a guy pretends to like you, you’ll end up like him more.

He will cancel dates with you to go out with his pals to a bar instead of spending time with you. Because he is lazy, he will not come to pick you up at the office in his car. If you are ill, the guy will write “get well” on a piece of paper and continue with their day rather than giving you medicine.

All of these examples demonstrate that other people are more important to him than you are in his life. Even if there are times when major changes from plans are warranted, the frequency with which they occur is something to take into consideration in this scenario.

5. He avoids talking about the future

One of the warning signs that a guy’s feelings are not genuine is if he does not want to talk about future plans or if you are not included in those plans.

When our partners love us, they want to go through life with us and experience everything it offers. They consider our needs not just for the day or the week ahead but also for a far longer time frame.

6. He receives more than he contributes

5 reasons why guys pretend to like us, and how to understand it

Both spouses contribute to maintaining a healthy relationship by doing things for one another. But if one of them acts as though they love each other, they will choose to take rather than give.

This is true about both one’s finances, and one’s time and feelings. Although you strive to do as much as you can for the other person, you don’t end up getting anything in exchange for your efforts. This is evidenced even in seemingly insignificant circumstances, such as when you often prepare supper for him, but you are never allowed to hear him say “thank you.”

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