Feelings you shouldn’t be ashamed to talk about out loud

Contrary to what many believe, some feelings should not be discussed publicly. Someone is ashamed to talk about them because they are afraid of attracting the disapproval of others or appearing to be overly emotional. Others struggle with finding the language to say how they feel. However, it would help if you did not keep quiet about them because, in certain circumstances, engaging in such a practice can result in unfavourable outcomes. In this article, we have compiled feelings that we believe are significant enough to express aloud.

1. Concerning what you’re afraid of

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It makes no difference whether the thing you’re afraid of in the dark, an elevator or a tiny spider that’s hiding on the floor. Feel free to discuss it with me if you like. To begin, one should not feel embarrassed for feeling afraid because it is a normal part of the human experience. And secondly, the people who are close to you can be a source of support.

2. The fact that the interlocutor conducts themselves in a disrespectful manner

It is not acceptable for us to engage in communication that is disrespectful, regardless of how we are treated or who our interlocutor is. You must express your disapproval if you observe the discussion moving in the direction as mentioned above. If you suppress your feelings of discontent for an excessively long time, it may eventually lead to unfavorable outcomes.

For instance, the interlocutor might conclude that nothing in what he says could be considered offensive to you. Consequently, he might permit himself to continue in the same spirit. In addition, the longer this continues, the more difficult it will be to demonstrate that he is in the wrong. As soon as you become aware of it, end your disrespect.

3. Concerning your self-esteem

Many people believe that pride in oneself is synonymous with egotism or the wish to appear more accomplished than others. This might be the case, but only in situations where people lavish an excessive amount of praise on themselves in their address or, more generally, have the attitude that they are better than everyone else.

Having a healthy amount of pride in oneself is essential for maintaining healthy levels of self-esteem, additional motivation, and a positive mood. By the way, each of us has grounds to be pleased with ourselves and our accomplishments.

4. About being uncomfortable

Imagine the following: you visit a friend’s house, and while you’re there, the host invites you to the holiday dinner and makes room for you on the couch. You will find that sitting there is extremely difficult due to how low it is. The discomfort is compounded by the plate being too high and cannot be adjusted. And at the opposite end of the table, there are seats available in which the chairs are elevated compared to the sofa.

Most people who find themselves in this predicament won’t think twice about asking to be moved, while others will suffer through the inconvenient situation so that they don’t embarrass the owner of the house or another guest with whom they will have to switch places.

It is important to have a conversation about the things that make you feel uneasy in any given situation. Not only will this ability assist in creating favorable conditions, as shown in our example, but it will also help. The more frequently you talk about things that make you feel uncomfortable, the more clearly you make it clear to others what boundaries you adhere to, whether in friendships, at work, or in relationships. This is true whether you are talking about things that make you feel uncomfortable at home or work.

5. About the things that you love

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Do not feel embarrassed, and do not be afraid to show your affection for those you care about. Accomplish this action whenever you feel like it. The more we let other people know how much they mean to us, the stronger the bonds that form between us.

6. About being upset

It’s easy to pretend like nothing’s wrong so that we don’t have to address the fact that we’re feeling upset. We cover up our negative emotions with a fictitious smile and act as if nothing has happened to us.

But the more we try to stifle our feelings and keep quiet about how we’re doing, the more miserable we’ll become in the long run. And omissions of this nature are harmful to the relationship if they are the source of your frustration.

Learn to talk about what made you sad with people who can support you or were responsible for it, even though it may be difficult to do so at first. When we discuss topics of this nature more frequently, it becomes much simpler to find a solution to the issue that is causing you frustration, and it also makes you feel better because you are not dealing with it in isolation.

7. Regarding feelings of exhaustion or burnout

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We may try to hide our exhaustion from the day-to-day tasks or from caring for a child. And the experience of burnout in the workplace is something that is considered normal and every day. It would not be very comfortable to admit that we need assistance or ask for an additional day off work.

However, exhaustion and burnout are cumulative and can have negative consequences. Feel free to discuss it, as doing so benefits your health and well-being.

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