5 relationship fears guys are embarrassed to talk about

What are men afraid of when it comes to relationships? Like the weaker s3x, they have a lot of fears and experiences that we need to know about to help our partner overcome them.

It turns out that the men have been living in the captivity of stereotypes since childhood. Boys are taught not to cry and to be strong as children, and they try their best to meet this bar. When a child grows up, as a rule, there are a lot of fears and anxieties in the mind of an adult guy, which he, most likely, will not share with anyone. And many of the worries relate specifically to relationships with women! What are men afraid of? This is what we will find out today.

5 relationship fears with women that men are shy to talk about

What are our partners afraid of, and what are they silent about?

Fear of falling under the thumb

It turns out that there is nothing worse for a man than becoming henpecked! Is this not a reason for jokes and mockery in the company of guys? No one wants to become an object of ridicule, so every man tries to keep his finger on the pulse all the time so as not to miss the moment when his beloved begins to command him.

Just do not confuse a henpecked man with a man who respects his woman: the latter knows perfectly well what he is doing and is not afraid to be under his thumb.

Fear of being abandoned

It turns out that men are also afraid that they will be abandoned, even if they do not show it outwardly. The fear of betrayal and loneliness lives in the soul of every young man, and sometimes this fear is so strong that jealousy and suspicion appear.

Fear of monogamy

You’ve probably heard more than once from men that they are polygamous by nature and therefore cheat on their chosen ones. Like, you can’t trample against nature! But in fact, this fear concerns only weak men because they are afraid to choose one woman

for life and remain faithful to her. A strong and self-confident partner knows that he can handle it perfectly.

Fear of int!mate problems

Over time, passion disappears in a relationship, and this is normal because they move on to the next stage, where there is more warmth, understanding, and respect. But men, deep down, are very afraid of this moment because they consider intimacy to be the basis of a strong relationship. It is not easy for men to survive periods when a woman is pregnant or sick: at such moments, if they drag on for a long time, men have thoughts that the relationship has come to an end.

And, of course, another strong fear for guys is problems with potency.

Fear of disappointing their woman

Yes, men are considered to be the stronger s3x. They are protectors and earners, and it is they who are entrusted with a great responsibility for those close to them. And it can be very difficult for a man to meet the expectations of his companion. There will always be someone richer, stronger, and more worthy. It turns out that the stronger s3x is very afraid that a woman will be disappointed and will start looking for another man who will certainly be able to satisfy her needs.

Yes, guys have a hard time too. Despite their masculinity, strength, and other qualities, many fears, doubts, and worries live in their souls. And nothing is surprising here because every person is afraid of something. The main thing is that next to the man, there is a sensitive and attentive chosen one who will support him and help him cope with worries.

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