The main reasons why men cheat on women they love

Experts estimate that about 11% of married women and 25% of married men will believe at some point in their lives. Recent research has shown that people are not actually monogamous.

That being said, we understand why infidelity is the number one reason couples end up divorcing. This is because, in many cases, the betrayed partner cannot forgive the unfaithful partner. Because they cannot get rid of doubts, suspicions, insecurities and the desire for revenge.

Why men are unfaithful

They are experiencing a second adolescent crisis

Although they have grown up, some men never mature. Their mentality is still childish. Also, being surrounded by friends who are as immature as themselves can encourage infidelity.

They are used to lying

Some men tend to cheat because they are naturally capable of lying and manipulating. Also, many then find satisfaction by playing with women’s emotions to test their limits and thus discover

if they excel in the art of deception.

They claim women’s validation

Those who cheat often do so out of pure selfishness because they try to see if women still like them.

They can not commit

Some men may have a strong tendency towards freedom, as a result of which they end up cheating on the women they love.

They are looking for an emergency exit from a relationship

In some cases, shortly after starting a relationship, the man realizes that he is not happy. So, instead of discussing it with his partner and facing the problem, he prefers to follow the shortest path to dissolution: infidelity

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