5 things that make you smarter than others (study)

Intelligence is defined as the set of mental functions whose object is rational knowledge.

These mental functions allow humans to solve a problem or adapt to their environment.

According to scientists, everyone is intelligent, but the environmental factor accounts for 60% of an individual’s personality. These are the values ​​embodied by someone who is smarter than others.

1) Calm
Smart people usually keep calm in any situation. If you tend to get upset at the slightest provocation, scientists say your IQ (Intellectual Quotient is lower).

2) Humility
Smart people do not believe themselves to be superior to others. On the contrary, for them every opportunity is good to learn. According to a study published in the journal Psychological Science, less intelligent people are more homophobic and racist and tend to categorize people prematurely. They are also the type to belittle others to be lathered.

3) Responsibility for errors
For some people, recognizing an error is synonymous with weakness. You must know how to take responsibility when you are wrong and if it is necessary to ask forgiveness. According to scientists, the one who does it naturally has a superior intelligence.

4) Consideration for others
Researchers have shown, through a representative study, that intelligent people have a great deal of empathy and dedication to others without expecting anything in return. According to their analysis, this character trait is surely related to childhood and education.

5) Anxiety and mistrust
It seems that smart people are very anxious and suspicious, but they hide it to the point of trust. They are usually in stable relationships.

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