Concentration can be learned: a number of practical tips

The road to success is different for everyone, but an important part of that is being able to concentrate on the goals you are working on. Focusing on one specific thing is important to bring tasks to a successful conclusion, but sometimes concentration is not self-evident.

You probably already have an idea about what keeps your concentration away: not sleeping enough, worrying, doubting, the laundry list will continue for a while. In addition, you are also well aware that social media makes it almost impossible to be productive. When Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter 24 to 7 stare at you, it’s hard to say ‘no’ at times.

But there are other things you do every day that can cause your concentration to be stray. In fact, you might even do so, hoping that you can just continue working. Afrinik will list them for you.

How to improve concentration

1. Multitasking

It is easy to assume that multitasking can help you get through all your tasks faster. When you do it right, you can actually get a lot done at the same time. But multitasking is a lot harder than it seems. Research has shown that barely 2 percent of all people can successfully bring it to an end. So, sorry for the bad news, but the chance that you are one of those people is pretty small.

Multitasking will divide your attention and ensure that you focus less. What makes you make mistakes faster, stresses more, and is a lot less productive at the end of the ride. Okay, you may have deleted 3 tasks from your list. The chances are that you did not complete them perfectly.

What can you do better: concentrate on one task or assignment until it is completed. It may take a bit longer, but it will probably be better.

2. Read and reply to your e-mails all the time

You may think that the whole day with one eye on your mailbox gazing can ensure that you are more productive. Nothing is less true. It can distract you as much as constantly checking your social media. A notification on your screen will quickly ensure that it attracts your attention instead of the job you were working on.

What better to do: switch off the notifications. Make special moments available to empty your mailbox.

3. Start with the easy tasks

What is at the top of the list if you make a list for yourself of what you have to do today? Many people start with the easiest assignment. They then assume that afterward, they will have more energy and attention for the more difficult matters because the easy ones are already omitted. Unfortunately, it does not always work that way.

Studies showed that our willpower to get everything done decreases with time. This basically means that once you have finished the simple task and start the more difficult will, your brain will fail.

4. Complain about futilities

Is the glass always half empty? Then chances are you have a harder time concentrating. According to the American journal Psychology Today, anger and frustration ensure that all our attention goes to these matters. Complaining about the weather or about the bad coffee at work can therefore make you get less done.

5. Skip the evening of sports

Are you also someone who says to himself almost every evening ‘tomorrow I really go back’? It is still worth putting on those sports shoes. Sports do not just keep you in shape, your mental health also gets a positive boost. Regularly working in sweat can make you more productive and attentive.

6. Sit in poor light

The space in which you are located can also be decisive for your concentration. Too much noise? Not good. But there is another culprit that is not so obvious to many people. When you are in a bad light, it can be detrimental to your concentration. Your eyes become tired, which causes stress, distraction, and fatigue.

What you should do: look for natural light. Sit next to a window or take a walk now and then.

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