How to stop depending on public opinion

Dependence on the opinions of others is both hazardous and ineffective. Dependence on public opinion is both hazardous and ineffective. A tight circle of friends is generally understood by someone else’s viewpoint and by the public — the whole society, a large number of random individuals, that is, something abstract. The risk is that you may underestimate your own self-esteem and, as a result, lose your individuality. You will not adapt, you will not please, and you will seem dumb if you constantly adjust to someone’s perspective, expecting to please someone and trying not to look stupid.

Everyone, I’m sure, has something they need or want to do, but you worry how others would react to it, isn’t it “creepy”? When you don’t know or comprehend anything and need to ask a seemingly silly inquiry, it goes through your mind: will they think the question is stupid, what will they think? Believe me, there are a lot of individuals around who made the “game” worse, and there is no need to be concerned about their opinions, and such questions were not asked at the polyclinic’s reception. Still, if this is a serious issue for you, there are four basic “lessons” you may learn, and the problem will lighten or go away entirely.

1. A random group of individuals at a random location

When we’re talking about family or close friends, we have every right to be concerned about their opinions. Is it really so necessary to listen to the opinions of individuals you’ll probably never meet again in your life? But, in most situations, random persons are connected with times when it is “impetuous” to do anything or uncomfortable to inquire about something when the query that presents itself seems dumb. With persons who have never played a part in your life and are unlikely to do so in the future.

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What difference does it make for a person who will not even stay in memory, whose name is unknown, and for whom you are the same transitory picture that will be forgotten in a few days in the worst-case scenario? In truth, no one cares, and your “abnormal” behavior is probably not the most unusual that others have ever seen, but a silly question that you are embarrassed to ask is certainly not the most ridiculous that I have ever heard.

2. There are no professors or nobles in your immediate vicinity

Manners, skilled speech, and a nice appearance are all well and good, but closer inspection reveals that academics, lords, or princesses do not surround you. Caring about the views of these random persons is almost definitely an exaggeration of their importance.

How can you know what is and isn’t typical for them? And what if you find out for sure and it causes your hair to twitch or your eyes to twitch? If you get to know these folks better, it’s highly conceivable, if not likely, that this will be their response. So, why these emotional outbursts, why this “bead-throwing”?

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You, your demeanor, level of knowledge, and deeds are unquestionably among the worst that mankind has ever seen. Furthermore, there are many individuals in your immediate vicinity who are much inferior to you in every way. This does not imply that you may act like a pig or a Gopnik, but it also does not imply that you should overestimate people for no reason. There is no advantage, and you may have as many disappointments or annoyances as you like.

3. Pleasing everyone is impossible

It is impossible to satisfy everyone — this is self-evident — yet the issue of quantity remains in this situation. How many people can despise you without also committing suicide? With the exception, maybe, of some of the nearest and dearest, probably to all 7 billion.

It turns out that pretending to be “perfect” is pointless since universal love and understanding are still hard to acquire. But you can count on hypocrisy and numerous back-channel conversations.

You may receive the same pretense in return if you appear to be pleasant to everyone. You’ll never know how this or that acquaintance really respects you, or what he expects or does not anticipate from you.

Isn’t it thus preferable to just be yourself? In this situation, the line between people who accept you and those who do not becomes clear, and you will be able to judge for yourself who is worth what. Who and what awaits you, as well as what you should anticipate in return.

4. The world’s most malleable item

Always keep in mind that the same people who applauded your coronation will cheer your beheading. Nothing in the world is more malleable than people’s viewpoints. Also, I’m thinking about you. Because the world is full of whispers, it will alter nearly independent of your aspirations and efforts. And, if that is the case, public opinion has a far lesser value than previously thought.

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It is hard to have anything to do with someone unless they have their own set of values and morals. Many people have a moral character that is much inferior to yours. The commandments are nothing more than fundamental moral concepts, and the Bible was written for them.

They are created for those who have no understanding of anything, and if they follow at least the biblical commandments, they will develop at least some morals. But it doesn’t rule out the possibility of modernizing or even replacing biblical morality with something more tailored to your needs.

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