5 unexpected benefits of fitness trackers

If you take a look at the wrists of the people around you, you will notice that fitness trackers have almost completely supplanted the classic watches. Young or less young, sporty or less sporty, everyone nowadays seems to want to keep track of how many kilometers they travel every day and how many calories they burn. We list 5 advantages of fitness trackers.

5 benefits of fitness trackers

Hello, extra motivation

Especially if you have a desk job and travel by car, there is a good chance you can use a little push. Because fitness trackers have a built-in pedometer, you can immediately see how your exercise pattern is doing in black and white. Believe us: you won’t be the first to decide to take a walk in the evening after a day with a sadly low step score.

Never sit still for too long

Sitting is sometimes called the new smoking. If you sit too much, your blood flows less well, which entails an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Sitting for too long can lead to muscle pain and complaints to tendons and joints in the short term. Yet it is tempting to keep typing for hours behind your computer or to stick to the couch with a Netflix series. An activity tracker offers the possibility to set a movement alarm, which reminds you to stretch your legs at least every hour.

You train the right way

Regular exercise is obviously good for your health. Whether you wear a fitness tracker or not. But because most trackers have a built-in heart rate monitor, they ensure that you get more out of your training. After all, you only need one glance to see which heart rate zone you are in and whether you are burning fat, training your condition, or just overloading your body. The latter is a real classic danger, especially for novice athletes.

You unravel your sleeping pattern

Do you usually go to bed on time, but are you often tired? You may be overestimating the number of hours you actually sleep. With a fitness tracker, you can easily keep track of how many hours per night you are in a deep sleep, how many in light sleep, and how long you lie awake. Over time you will undoubtedly discover interesting patterns. For example, you may notice that you get a better sleep score if you wear earplugs, read a book before bed, or go to bed an hour earlier or later.

Sporty eyes make sporty

Fitness trackers have long since ceased to be clumsy bastards. Because they are so light, you often do not even notice that you are wearing your tracker and, in the meantime, collect useful information, which does not apply to gadgets such as a pedometer or heart rate monitor. If you do notice them, they are a gentle reminder that you should remember to exercise enough. Moreover, most copies are a nice addition to your outfit.

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