6 mistakes that keep you from concentrating in your home office

If you’re lucky enough to be able to work from your own home office, you’ve probably noticed that concentration is sometimes hard to find because, home office or not, working from home is full of distractions.

Today we share 6 mistakes that you can avoid so that you can continue working with focus.

6 home office mistakes to fix right away

You are not comfortable enough

A good place to sit is key in a home office. That velvet chair may be comfortable for fifteen minutes, but can you sit on it for a long time without your back hurting? And is the chair at the right height, without having your arms hanging?

Invest in a good, ergonomic chair that you can adjust to your body. That may not be as stylish as that Eames chair, but your back and shoulders will thank you.

You don’t have enough plants

Every home office gets better with plants! You can concentrate better with greenery around you, you are more creative, and plants make you instantly happier. So put that trip to the garden centre on your plan.

It doesn’t smell good

A home office that smells bad can affect your productivity in two ways. First of all, of course, you don’t want to be in a room where it smells – that makes perfect sense.

But did you know that smell also affects your productivity?

You have not decorated your home office according to your interior style

If your home office is truly yours, then it’s the place to showcase your taste. If you love pink, floral prints and velvet, you won’t feel comfortable in a home office where black and white predominate. Invest in accessories and make your home office your place, and you will automatically feel better there.

Your desk is too messy

I have to admit – my desk is always messy, and I never understood the clean desk policy. I work fine in a chaotic environment, but chances are it won’t work that way for you.

Many people feel restless with a cluttered desk. Are you easily distracted when there is a lot of clutter around you? Then make sure that that cannot happen, and tidy up your desk at the start of the working day. You can always try. And if that doesn’t work for you, then leave your junk again.

You don’t have the right light

Daylight is ideal in your home office, but you will undoubtedly have to work when it is still dark outside in the winter. That is why good light is very important. Go for a desk lamp that you can dim for the best effect.

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