6 signs your relationship is getting boring and what to do about it

If it seems to you that your relationship has tarnished and become simply a boring semblance of a romance, then know that you are not alone. According to the national report America’s Happiness Index: Love and Relationships, at least 19 percent of people are unhappy in relationships.

But until you screwed up and left your partner, we will tell you about 6 signs that indicate that your relationship has lost its former ardor. And how to fix them.

Work affects relationships

Find a good job (or better than the one you currently have). According to the national Happiness Index report, happy couples are those where both partners work and consider themselves the breadwinner of the family.

Research also shows that income and happiness levels in relationships are directly related. If you and your partner establish your career and have a stable income, this will positively affect your relationship.

Feel the discomfort of having to do everything together

Go about your business alone from time to time. Numerous studies show that spending time with a loved one and without a partner is beneficial for healthy relationships. Let it be a gym, a trip to a spa or a manicure, reading. And don’t also forget to respect your partner’s need to be alone and mind your own business.

Spend too little time with each other

But it is also not necessary to completely diverge in different angles. Do something with your partner that you both enjoy. Make sure to set aside time each week, such as cooking dinner together, going to a restaurant, a movie, or the farmers’ market. Anything will do. The main thing is that you enjoy it together.

You only talk to each other in messengers

Communicate more face-to-face. According to a Brigham Young University study, couples who argue, reconcile, or make decisions through instant messengers are more unhappy than partners who communicate in person.

You have no social life

Communicate more and meet common friends. A 2013 Facebook study found that couples who have a lot of mutual friends feel happier and don’t think about breaking up.

Go on weekends with friends or invite them to visit.

S*x life is almost non-existent

It’s simple – have more s*x. Increase the number of having s*x once a month to once a week (2-3 times a week is considered the norm), and you will be happy. Scientists have found that the peak of s*xual desire in men and women occurs at 8 am and 8 pm. So go for it.

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