Reasons you need to spend more time alone with yourself

Have you ever spent time alone or gave yourself much love and respect? Or when last you suspend everything and spend time alone? Here are the reasons you need to be alone.

An attentive observer, having studied the modern world, will notice that extroverted larks rule the ball in it: early start of the work and school day, the desire to constantly be in touch, meetings with friends, corporate culture, work in teams, teams assembled on a random basis both in kindergartens and in offices. The desire to communicate with people or spend a little time alone with oneself often meets with misunderstanding, if not even pity, of others. But is loneliness and the time spent alone with oneself as bad as they say about it?

Why is it challenging to spend time alone?

It may surprise you, but many people would rather electrocute themselves than spend 15 minutes alone. The ubiquitous aversion to loneliness can be quite harsh: a quarter of women and two-thirds of men in the University of Virginia study chose to expose themselves to electric shocks prefer than do nothing and spend time alone with their reasonings.

As the professor of psychology at Carleton University (USA), Robert Coplan, told The New York Times, historically, loneliness has had a rather bad reputation. The problem is, we forget that being alone can be a choice. At the same time, choosing to be alone does not mean that you will be alone with yourself throughout the entire working day. Since there are so many studies showing that humans are social beings,

Moreover, some people experience solitude exclusively with other people. Prior research has shown that people often feel uncomfortable, especially when they think they are being watched. Overestimating how other people pay attention to us and worrying about being judged can prevent us from doing things that would otherwise be joyful.

For example, according to a study by researchers at Columbia University, being alone with their thoughts and giving themselves space and time without social distractions can sometimes feel intimidating. Also, other studies have found that when a person is alone with himself, the lack of external stimuli and the inability to rely on others prevent them from forming their own life experiences. Wherein,

Why is it good to spend time alone?

An online survey found that most of the activities people find most calming are done alone despite the social stigma and fears that spending time alone is unhealthy. People who listen to their needs and value loneliness discover new interests and ideas without worrying about the opinions of others. For example, another study found that teens are less shy when alone.

Thus, knowing yourself makes it easier to find other people who share your interests. It can also help reevaluate friendships: Are you staying in touch with a friend just because you are used to doing something on Friday night? Or is it better to spend time on your own than in the company of people you don’t like? In addition, spending time with oneself can increase productivity, interaction with others, and creativity.

Ultimately, each person has their ideal balance between how much time they spend alone and with others. However, no one will be satisfied and utterly healthy if they do only one or the other. Choosing to spend time on your own can have mental, emotional, and social benefits, but it requires spending time alone. In a culture where we often confuse loneliness with time for ourselves, the ability to value time for ourselves should not be perceived as unfavorable. Spending time alone with our thoughts can help us better cope with negative emotions and experiences, such as stress and burnout.

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