6 things you shouldn’t hesitate to discuss with your partner

Feeling comfortable with your partner is part of a healthy relationship. You don’t have to tell the guy absolutely everything; it’s more important to know that you can do it and will not face condemnation. These are the topics you shouldn’t hesitate to discuss with your partner.

How you feel about his/her friends

If any of your partner’s friends makes you uncomfortable, you should tell your partner. It’s not about forbidding them to communicate, but you don’t have to pretend that you like someone just because your partner treats them well.

Be honest – this will help to understand your behavior better and correct – after all, for some reason, your partner respects his/her friend.

Your financial problems and goals

At the beginning of a relationship, money is one of the most awkward topics. But over time, you will inevitably face general financial problems, so you should immediately be open about material issues. It is not necessary to exchange card passwords and create a shared budget.

However, suppose you are worried about how much your partner is making. In that case, you have a difficult period in terms of finances or have a large material goal that affects your life today – there is nothing petty or shameful in discussing this.

Your mental health

It will be easier for you to build a relationship if you know what is happening with your partner. Mental issues aren’t always obvious, but you shouldn’t hide them from each other. If he/she considers this nonsense or makes you ashamed of your experiences, this is a serious reason to consider how to exclude such a person from life


Your int!mate life

Talking about s3x will undoubtedly make it better. Share what you like; do not be silent if you do not get pleasure from int!macy; ask about your partner’s preferences. Discuss fantasies, look for ways to make your s3x more enjoyable and safer.

Try to create a comfortable space in the relationship for discussing explicit topics.

The desire to be alone

You shouldn’t feel guilty about telling your lover that you want a little more space. Personal boundaries are an important issue that should be discussed openly, rather than looking for reasons for separation. Explain that this has nothing to do with your feelings for another person; you need to be alone with your thoughts.

Plans for the future

If this relationship for you is already more than just an affair, and you see him/her as a long-term partner, it is worth checking if your feelings coincide. Being embarrassed to discuss such important topics as children, marriage, career ambitions, you risk in a couple of years that there is a person next to you whose goals and plans do not coincide with yours.

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