What to do your wedding ring after a divorce, not to spoil your personal life

Wedding rings are a symbol of a strong and happy family. The spouses exchange them as a sign of eternal love for each other. But, unfortunately, there are couples who are unable to cope with the burden of marriage and are forced to leave. Now the ex-husband and wife receive a divorce document and decide what to do with the wedding rings.

Where did the tradition of wearing wedding rings come from?

What to do your wedding ring after a divorce, not to spoil your personal life
Wedding rings

The tradition of wearing wedding rings originated in Egypt. Even in ancient times, people believed that a blood vessel goes from the heart to the ring finger, so it is responsible for love. Putting a ring on the ring finger shows that his heart is already “busy”. Many peoples have adopted this tradition. And even the church recognizes the ceremony of exchanging wedding rings as a symbol of loyalty and devotion.

There are many ways to treat a wedding ring. Someone thinks it is just an adornment, but for someone, it is of great importance. There is a superstition that losing a wedding ring can bring misfortune into family life: quarrels will begin that will lead to divorce.

It is also forbidden to give jewellery to other people to try on so that they do not begin to interfere with the private life of the spouses. According to the traditions of some countries, the wedding ring cannot be removed from the hand at all until the child is in the family.

What ex-spouses can do with a wedding ring after a divorce

Many people, after a divorce, leave their wedding ring with them or put it on the ring finger of the opposite hand. This solution method is not the best, psychologists believe, since the decoration will constantly remind of an unsuccessful marriage and of the loss of a loved one.

According to old signs and beliefs, if you leave the ring after a divorce, then it will attract negative energy in every new relationship. They will not develop and will end in failure. It is also not advisable to keep the jewellery in a box along with other accessories so that it does not block the flow of well-being and confidence that you can create a new strong family. Therefore, it is advisable to say goodbye to a wedding ring after a divorce, no matter how valuable it is to a person.

What to do your wedding ring after a divorce, not to spoil your personal life

How to get rid of a wedding ring after a divorce, everyone decides for themselves. But, as folk superstitions say, jewellery cannot be given as a gift. Since, together with the ring, a person can also convey his unhappy fate, use for the next marriage, because the new family may also fall apart, like the previous one.

According to tradition, they do the following with a wedding ring:

  • Give it to an ex-wife or husband. This helps to break the bond between the ex-spouses;
  • They sell, and with the proceeds, they buy another valuable thing;
  • Given to the master who can melt the ring and make a new accessory out of it.
  • It is better to ask the clergyman for advice on dealing with the wedding ring used during the wedding. It is advisable to contact the priest who performed the ceremony.

According to statistics, many couples after a divorce find it difficult to part with a wedding ring. In this case, psychologists recommend hiding the jewellery away from the eyes for a certain period. And when it becomes easier – say goodbye to it.

It would be best if you got rid of the ring with peace of mind, not regretting anything because there are still many happy events ahead.

Wedding rings are always covered with an aura of mystery, and sometimes amazing stories happen to it.

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