7 dating nightmares of which your neck hairs stand upright.

Halloween is coming and that means that there will soon be a lot of trembling. Worse than Freddy Krueger or the IT clown? A bad date. Dating app Once lets women write a review about their date and has collected 7 dating nightmares of which your neck hairs stand upright.

1. Parasite plague
“I really have no idea what Max had eaten for our date, but the whole evening he did not stop farts. The sound that came from his belly reminded me of scenes from ALIEN films, where such a parasite comes from the human body. My advice: he has to consider going to a doctor.”

2. Spooky statement
“Mr. spaghetti is what I call him after our memorable date. He invited me for a nice dinner in an Italian restaurant. So, it started pretty well. But after dinner, he said, “Now that you have enjoyed your delicious plate of spaghetti, it is time for you to start on my spaghetti.” Charming…”

3. Mother’s apple
“James was in the company of his mother when he arrived at our date. A charming woman (at first sight) but that is obviously not my point! I cannot be the only one who finds this… let’s say ‘separate’.”

4. Catfish horror
“I admit: his profile pictures were a little blurry, but I was quite shocked during the date. The person waiting for me at the bar had a red dress, high heels and a beard! First, I just did not want to believe that it was really a guy in women’s clothing. Very unfortunate for Robin but I fall on men”

5. Exchange trick
“After having added each other on Facebook, I went to see his photos a little bit – handsome guest, honest. On our first date I stepped into the bar and I immediately recognized him. He was just talking to a weird guy. I walked over to them and then he said: “So … actually I have a girlfriend and my friend here is the one you’re dating tonight. He is a bit shy, so I’m linking him. I’ll let you go ahead, bye! ”

6. Uncomfortable
“During our first date I was sitting opposite him and it struck me that he was looking at something behind me. I turned around, there was a laughing girl sitting there and my date told her: “So what do you think? She’s not bad, is she? Just like on her pictures!’ Then he looked at me and said, “That is my girlfriend, we are looking for a third player in our love game.””

7. Remove masks
“After chatting for a while, Peter sent me a message last minute to ask if we could meet that evening. I had school until late, so I did not wear good clothes and did not wear make-up. Yet I said yes. A mistake! The first thing he said was’ “Oh… well, you do not really look like your pictures, do you? I think this is not going to work, I’ll see you again.””

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