7 habits that can ruin your career

If your career is not developing as successfully as you would like, various factors may be the reason for this. Some people remain in an unpromising position for years, while others do not develop professional skills. And still, others only dream of a better life but do not make any effort to fulfill their desires. To achieve success in your career, it is important to work on several aspects of your life and gain useful skills. We tell you about what habits can ruin your career in this article.

1. You work too hard

Refusing vacations and exhausting work hours can cause serious professional and emotional burnout. If you are used to being multitasking, constantly staying at work, and taking on additional obligations, then over time, you will begin to perform all actions automatically and lose such important skills as creative thinking, fresh eyes, creativity.

To avoid such problems, it is important not to give up a good rest. Try not to work at lunchtime, leave the habit of taking work from home and arrange a mini-vacation at least twice a year.

2. You are afraid of being imperfect

Unhealthy perfectionism is a quality that can ruin a career and life in general. If you try to bring every most trivial task to the ideal, you will not have the strength to implement large-scale projects.

Remember that it is often impossible to achieve an ideal result by all standards. The main thing is to learn to see the root of problems and focus on solving them.

3. You get distracted a lot

We all pick up the phone a hundred times during the day: check email, reply to a message, take a photo. But if you want to become a truly successful and in-demand specialist, you should limit the time of sticking to the gadget during working hours.

A bad habit steals time and takes a lot of energy. Try not to switch your attention to entertainment or online shopping during working hours. Leave these classes for the evening or at least lunchtime.

4. You don’t pay enough attention to planning

Another thing that can ruin a career is insufficient attention to planning. As a rule, those who do not make plans for the day lose valuable minutes or hours navigating the situation.

Start keeping a diary if you want to improve your skills and free up a few hours a week. Create a to-do list for the day, week, month, and even year. A clear understanding of what you need to do can be an additional motivation for action.

5. You are often late

If management and colleagues notice that you are constantly late for work, they are unlikely to treat you with due respect. Punctuality is one of the important character traits that those who want to achieve career heights should develop in themselves. If you live far from work or just like long breakfasts, train yourself to wake up early. Remember that concentration is one of the keys to success.

6. You are toxic towards colleagues

We rarely notice signs of toxicity. But if the team avoids communicating with you and tries to catch your eyeless often, perhaps you are the most toxic colleague.

If you think that your point of view is always the most correct, and the rest of the employees are unworthy of management’s attention, perhaps unhealthy selfishness speaks in you. About what other character traits can warn about toxicity, read here.

7. You crave the approval of others all the time

We are all pleased to hear words of praise addressed to us. And this is quite natural and normal. But if the thirst for approval has taken hold of you, this is a reason to think. If you spend most of the day worrying about how to get the attention of colleagues and superiors, you should reconsider your priorities.

Remember that all people are different. If you want to succeed at work, you need to focus on improving your professional skills and think less about what other people will think about it.

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