7 important activities you should do every week

The week of most of us is monotonous: on weekdays you disappear at work, in the evening you return home only to take a shower, eat and sleep a little, and on weekends you try to either distract yourself from the annoying routine or redo all the tasks that you did not have time finish. But in fact, you make a lot of mistakes simply because you do not build a system that would work, help you move forward, achieve your desired goals and at the same time act without haste, give yourself time to rest. We’ve put together some important activities that you should do every week.

Make plans for the current week

You move forward much faster when you clearly understand what and why you need to do. You don’t have any questions about where to spend your free time; you don’t risk getting stuck. Therefore, it is important to prescribe an action plan for at least the next 7 days at the beginning of the week.

It is better to record your plans on paper or electronic media. For example, you can hang a list on the fridge, create a special diary for writing, or download an application to your smartphone. Write down work tasks and everything that you would like to change in your personal life, hobbies, appearance, etc. By the way, the habit of writing down what you need to do can greatly help you keep track of your progress.

Make time for your hobby

Stop dividing people into those who can afford to spend their free time in a fun and interesting way and those who are too busy for that. If work is very exhausting for you, does not leave you much time for rest, then it is all the more important for you to find an opportunity to practice your favorite hobby.

You should have an activity that allows you to escape from the routine, realize your potential, get positive emotions, and a charge of motivation. Think about those hobbies that you gave up for some reason in the past. Now is the time to rectify the situation, even if it seems to you that the activity you have chosen will not benefit you in any way.

The benefits are different: sometimes, the opportunity to relax, enjoy a pleasant pastime, relax, get inspiration and new emotions give you much more than hard work on yourself. Try to devote at least 2-3 hours a week to your hobbies, and soon you will notice positive changes.

Do the cleaning

Cleaning once a month or every few months is a very bad idea. The longer the intervals between cleaning, the more time, effort, money, and nerves you will have to spend on putting your home in order. Ideal if you trained yourself to do the cleaning every week. Just wipe all surfaces from dust and dirt, wash all dirty dishes, load the washing machine with things, free the refrigerator from everything that has managed to deteriorate.

These activities will not take much of your time but will allow you to keep your apartment clean and tidy. Moreover, you can split the cleaning over several days without spending half of your weekend on it.

Change the environment around you

To relax and allow yourself to have a good rest, you must at least sometimes change the environment around you. It’s great if you learn to pay attention to this at least once a week. You don’t have to go out of town. To change the environment, you need to do something new, go to an unfamiliar coffee shop, go out for a walk in the evening, run to visit your friends, come up with an interesting pastime.

New environment and new interests = positive emotions, new experience, knowledge of yourself and the world around you. The more often you go beyond the usual, the less often you are covered by the feeling that life is passing by. You are not doing anything.

Make a menu for the week

You don’t have to write down a detailed menu for every day, but it would be nice if you could learn to roughly figure out what you will eat in the next seven days. First, it will make it easier for you to buy groceries: you can list what you need to buy at the grocery store or order in delivery. By purchasing only from the list, you will not take unnecessary products, which means you can save money.

Secondly, you can save yourself time: instead of frantically thinking about what to cook for the evening, you will know all the possible options for dishes. And if you want, you can set aside a few hours of your time on the weekend to prepare your food for the week in advance and not once again be distracted by cooking.

Track income and expenses

One of the most rewarding activities that you should return to every week is keeping track of your expenses and income. Thus, you will always know how much money you spend on food, travel, clothing, and other expenses. You can adjust your spending or calculate how much money you need for a comfortable life if you wish.

Create a diary or download a special application on your smartphone to always be aware of where your money is now. Well, do not forget to analyze all the information that you entered within seven days once a week.

Do what will bring you closer to your goal

Many people set goals for themselves that can be achieved in weeks but stretch the process itself over many months or even years. They do not devote enough time and energy to their dreams. It seems to them that they will begin to achieve what they want from next Monday, next paycheck, or next year.

But these are just excuses. To not become one of these people, do something that will bring you closer to your goal at least one step every week. Do not try to postpone active actions: you may not have the time, energy, or mood. One week = one step forward. Accustom yourself to this state of affairs, and soon you will see powerful progress.

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