7 men sentence because they hunted children together online

Seven American men were sentenced to long prison terms, because they were hunting together for small children online.

They wanted to get them to do intimate things through the webcam, images were shared with each other on a protected site.

A pedophile was sentenced to 40 years in prison and three to 30 years in prison. The others were sentenced to 25, 20 and 18 years. They have certainly made 91 victims, and maybe even more.

“Crowdsourcing of child abuse”
The American judiciary speaks of “a disturbing and horrifying new trend: crowdsourcing of child abuse”. The seven searched together on social media for profiles of young girls.

Sometimes they were only ten years old. They also discussed the best way to win the trust of those girls. Often the men acted as if they were minors themselves.

They streamed previously recorded webcam videos of other victims, so the victims did not realize that they had to deal with adult men.

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