9 mysterious disappearance cases of technology

Mysterious disappearances of technology continue to occur in the sky, on land, and at sea. So, under mysterious circumstances, planes, people, ships disappeared. Shocking disappearances arise pretty often, and there is still no logical explanation for many of these events.

1. Amelia Earhart’s plane

Amelia Earhart’s plane
©National Geographic/ALAMY STOCK PHOTO – Amelia Earhart’s plane

In 1937, the American writer and aviator, Amelia Earhart, decided to travel around the world in her Lockheed Electra aircraft. Her partner was Fred Noonan, who became the navigator of the plane.

The plane disappeared, flying somewhere over the Pacific Ocean. All searches for the aircraft were unsuccessful, which gave rise to many different theories about what exactly happened to the brave pair of pilots.

For almost 80 years, people have been looking for an answer to the fate of the missing travelers. Several years ago, a version appeared that the Japanese military captured Amelia and Fred. The speculation comes from an old photograph of a man who looks like Fred and a female figure.

2. Madagascar (1837 ship)

Madagascar (1837 ship)
Madagascar (1837 ship)

In 1853 Madagascar embarked on its next flight from Melbourne to London. It was an ordinary ship carrying passengers and cargo. The ship disappeared without a trace, was never seen again, and not even the wreck found. Like any other missing ship, Madagascar has also attracted public attention.

3. Flying Tiger Line Flight 739

In 1962, a Lockheed Constellation passenger aircraft was on flight 739. There were 96 passengers and 11 crew on board, all bound for the Philippines. Flying Tiger Line was the first American cargo and passenger airline to operate scheduled flights.

After 2 hours of flight, communication with the ship’s pilots was interrupted, and nothing else hear from them. Probably, the crew did not have time to transmit any message because the incident was too sudden, and the pilots did not have time to send a distress signal. Investigators are left wondering what happened to Flying Tiger Line Flight 739.

4. Malaysian Airlines Flight 370

Malaysian Airlines Flight 370
Malaysian Airlines Flight 370

In 2014, a Malaysian Airlines plane flew to Beijing with 239 people on board, 38minutes after takeoff, communication with the aircraft was lost, but no distress signal been received before. Before the disappearance of Flight 370, radar indicated that the plane had lost its course.

After the airliner’s disappearance, numerous rescue teams searched for it, which carefully searched the alleged crash site in the Indian Ocean. Only a tiny piece was found, and the search was also resumed in 2018, but again to no avail, despite all the efforts and funds spent. What exactly happened to this flight is still a big mystery.

5. SS Marine Sulphur Queen – victim of the Bermuda Triangle

SS Marine Sulphur Queen
SS Marine Sulphur Queen

This vessel was a 160-meter tanker that initially use to transport oil during World War II. The Marine Sulfur Queen was in excellent condition. In February 1963, two days after leaving Texas with the cargo, the usual radiogram was received from the ship to message that everything was in order.

After that, the boat disappeared. Many assume that it just exploded, while others blame the disappearance of the “magic” of the Bermuda Triangle. The bodies of 39 crew members do not find, although a life jacket and a piece of board with a scrap of the inscription “Arine SULPH” recovered.

6. “Witchcraft” – a speedboat that went missing on Christmas

In December 1967, Miami-based hotel owner Dan Burak decided to cruise in his luxury Witchcraft speedboat. Its know that the boat was in perfect order. In the evening, Burak asked to be towed back to the pier by radio, saying that an unknown object had hit his boat. He confirmed his coordinates to the Coast Guard and specified that he would launch a signal flare. Rescuers reached the scene in 20 minutes, but Witchcraft disappeared. The Coast Guard combed over 3,100 square kilometers of ocean, but neither Dan Burak nor Witchcraft was found.

7. SS Baychimo – Arctic ghost ship

 SS Baychimo – Arctic ghost ship
SS Baychimo – Arctic ghost ship

The Baychimo was a real ship, although some call it a ghost ship. It was a vast steam cargo ship owned by the Hudson’s Bay Company. Baychimo’s first nine voyages were calm, but winter came very early on the ship’s last journey in 1931. Entirely unprepared for bad weather, the ship trapped in the ice.

Most of the crew rescued by plane, but the captain and several of the Baychimo crew decided to wait out the bad weather by setting up camp on the ship. A violent blizzard began, which completely hid the ship from sight. When the storm died down, Baychimo disappeared. However, over several decades, witnesses allegedly more than once saw a ship drifting aimlessly in Arctic waters.

8. Flight 19 (The squadron that disappeared over the Bermuda Triangle)

On December 5, 1945, five U.S. Navy Avenger model torpedo bombers on Flight 19 took off from Fort Lauderdale Naval Air Base for an overwater navigation training flight. All five planes and 14 men on board disappeared over the Bermuda Triangle.

Two hours after takeoff, Flight 19 Squadron Leader reported that his compasses were not working and unable to determine his position. Other aircraft also reported similar malfunctions. Hundreds of ships and planes have combed thousands of square kilometers of the Atlantic, the Gulf of Mexico, and even remote parts of Florida, but no trace of Flight 19 has been found.

10. The mystery of flight 191

One of the worst planes crashes in American aviation history occurred during the crash of American Airlines Flight 191, which crashed minutes after takeoff in Chicago, killing 258 passengers and 13 crew members. Another hit of Flight 191 was with the experimental X-15 flight 191, which crashed in 1967, and also with JetBlue Airways flight 191 in 2012 when the commander had a panic attack.

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