9 reasons to date only one woman

Relationship with one partner seem to many to be a relic of the past. Some men consider having may girls as the best option but do that actoually give a peace of mind? Reasons to date only ane woman.

Many guys do not understand how you can date the same woman and marry her and live together for many years. Against monogamy, arguments are usually made in style: “It gets boring quickly,” “There is no variety,” and “It is necessary to take a walk while still young.” In this case, we will also give our arguments, but this time in favor of monogamy.

She knows your outward flaws well

We all have complexes in terms of appearance, and we have to hide parts of the body so that other people do not feel dislike or disgust when looking at them, even if the fear of causing negative emotions is imaginary.

But with the woman you have been living with for years, you can be yourself without hiding your shortcomings. Don’t you have a very big d!ck? If she likes it, then what’s the difference. Is the birthmark on your back shaped like a pig? You have laughed at it a hundred times already, and she finds this body part even cute.

You don’t have to explain your s3xual fantasies every time

The virtue of polygamy is considered diversity, the ability to sleep with one today and tomorrow with the other. The problem is that every time a guy has to explain his preferences, he sometimes gets rejected.

If you live with one woman for a long time, she is already aware of your addictions and will not start sending screenshots of your correspondence to her friends, where you offer to spank yourself on the a*s with a ladle while being strapped to the bed.

You do not run the risk of catching a STDisease

Even monogamous couples are at risk of getting sexually transmitted diseases, such as blood transfusions or touching contaminated surfaces of household items with mucous membranes. However, this risk is very small compared to the deadly games that polygamous people play every time. You can not be afraid to catch chlamydia, HIV, and other diseases.

You can make mistakes without fear of being abandoned

When a girl does not know you well, any strange action can be regarded as anti-brutality, stupidity, or psychological immaturity, because of which she, not having enough weighty arguments in your favor, will leave you.

A woman who has known you for a long time is aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Yes, she may be offended, angry, or disappointed. Still, she has something to compare with, and, putting all the good things in your life and the stupidity that you have done on one side of the scales, she will most likely choose the benefits of reconciliation.

You know how to please her, and she pleases you

Each new girl is like a bomb: the wrong wires are touched, and she explodes. Each has its er0genous zones, psychological techniques for relaxation and arousal, its taboos.

Living with one woman, you know very well what makes her happy, what excites her, and what, on the contrary, causes disgust. Therefore, you, like an experienced sapper, maneuver between mines, and without surprises, you reach the goal at the peak of its pleasure. It’s the same with her. You do not waste time on empty actions, but immediately start with what both like.

You don’t have to flirt to get attention

In a monogamous relationship, you’ve already won her attention, and she’s yours. You don’t have to pretend or embellish to generate interest; you are honest with each other.

Polygamous people are constantly faced with the need to go through the same seduction ritual to achieve their goals, which is tiring. And you need to compete with other guys who are trying no less than yours, doing stupid things for a woman.

A strong friendship will develop between you

The more you get to know a girl, the stronger the bond between you will be because you find common contact points. You become not just lovers, but friends who enjoy each other outside of bed.

People who prefer short relationships do not understand this because they only have time to find out about their partner, what they like to eat and what sex positions excite them the most.

You look serious in the eyes of other people

We understand that this argument is not relevant for many because they ignore how society reacts to them. Polygamous guys are not taken seriously, being considered windy and unreliable.

When choosing between two equally suitable candidates for promotion to a management position, large companies are more likely to promote a strong family man since he inspires more confidence in terms of reliability and loyalty.

There is a craving for personal growth

When a girl doesn’t know you well, you can tell her how cool you are without doing anything for real success. All the same, this fairy tale will work because the words do not have to be proven by actions. But with the one who knows you well, this trick will not work.

When she grows as a person, you will not want to lag behind her, and there will be a desire to be the main one in the family, something that is fixed in the genes of all men. This means that you, imperceptibly for yourself, will constantly develop and become better.

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