9 romantic things men dream of in a relationship

Many men seem to us, women, very far from romance. However, they notice the various courtesies that we show them. Moreover, representatives of the stronger s*x love it when we do cute little things for them, although they don’t always admit it. Want to know what they all secretly like? Then read today in this article.

9 romantic things men look forward to in a relationship

Arrange surprises

We are not necessarily talking about gifts, although who is not pleased to receive something for no particular reason? Ask your soulmate out on a date with a plan of action in advance. Make sure that the man does not need to organize anything, pamper him.

Sometimes even the favorite beer bought for him can cheer up because he did not ask and did not expect it. Believe me; your partner will be pleased to know that you remembered and thought about him.

Show your boyfriend what you think of him

Men like being attentive as much as we do. Take your boyfriend’s hand at home and outdoors. Kiss when he doesn’t expect it—a hug from the back. Snuggle up to him while watching a movie together. Have a romantic dinner for two right at home without going to a restaurant. Offer the man to go where you both have long dreamed of visiting finally.

If you don’t live together yet, send your significant other an SMS in the morning and before you go to bed. Let the guy know that you think of him as soon as you wake up and fall asleep with the thought of him as well.

Maintain skin-to-skin contact

For many people, touch is a way of expressing love; it’s an unspoken language. Touch your beloved man, hug him, kiss, stroke his body, hold hands and feel them on you—no need for words when your actions speak for themselves.

Give up your phone when you’re together

How often do you both hang in your gadgets and remain silent when you are next to each other? Try to put your phone aside and talk: about nothing on a free topic. Let this be empty chatter, but it binds you, makes you closer and dearer than you might think. The unity of souls in a relationship is what is important.

Make his day bright and memorable

Indulge your loved one with a cup of coffee in bed in the morning to start the day slowly together on a pleasant note. Or drop by his office and buy coffee along the way. Make a delicious breakfast that he likes so much. Looking for socks in the morning? Give him a new pair and discard the old ones.

Simply put, do the little pleasant things that will brighten up your significant other’s day and make him smile, feel loved, and happy.

Give your man a cute nickname

Now they will start protesting, they say, don’t! But this is only because they are shy when girls call them affectionately in front of others. Do not name. Use an invented nickname in private. Believe me; men love to be approached with affection. The main thing is not to give them offensive nicknames that belittle their manhood.

Do not skimp on compliments

Not only do women love to be praised and say nice words to them. Men are no exception. They often lack the compliments from which they flourish.

Create your own tradition or ritual

Choose a day to spend together cooking and watching a movie / remembering your childhood memories. Have a personal tradition to follow. It brings together and unites. Bad day? Drop everything and be together.

Let him take care of you

A man may want quite certain, trivial things from you: home comfort, delicious food, comfort. He will take care of the rest on his own. Remain a woman, a little weak and supple. This also has its own romance, when your partner feels like he is in charge of the family.

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