9 signs you have no future with your partner

It happens that your mind tells you that something went wrong in your relationship with your lover. Constant reproaches have replaced the former mutual understanding; interests are diametrically different, you do not want to support each other, and you prefer to spend time apart. You can continue living in this relationship or face the truth and move on.

Perhaps you are simply different and, remaining with an unloved person, doom each other to an unhappy existence with no hope of finding true love in your life. If you have a similar situation, you should be aware of those signs that may indicate your relationship has no future.

Signs you have no future with your partner

Non-acceptance of individuals

Accepting the interests and hobbies of a loved one is the foundation of a lasting relationship. A good partner will accept any good hobbies, not constantly poke his nose at the shortcomings, but help gets rid of them.

You do not have to share each other’s interests, because each hobby has its own. For example, if you play video games, and your girlfriend loves to watch romantic movies, you should not adopt these hobbies from each other if they are not to your liking. If your partner criticizes all aspects of your life – clothes, favourite places, communication style – and does not try to help fix it in any way, if you see nothing else besides aggression, then this is a bell that the relationship is beginning to begin sink. It will only get worse from now on.

Complete lack of support

Relationships are not only about going to cinemas, cafes and bars together. Sooner or later, one of the partners has hard times when you want to reject the hustle and bustle and feel the support of a loved one. Finance, health, work – crises and problems can come in any area. A good partner will support you in difficult times and will do whatever it takes to resolve issues.

If you do not feel supported, your partner moves away from problems and breaks down at you because of a bad mood; then you should not expect anything good from this person in the future. Time does not change people for the better, but just the opposite.

You feel lonely in a relationship

Have you ever had your girlfriend sitting next to you on the couch, but you get the feeling that she is a complete outsider? Sometimes you want to talk to her about your feelings, but she doesn’t care about you. She does not make the slightest effort to cheer you up, does not show a single drop of attention.

An emotional hole forms inside you, into which all feelings will gradually flow. If this happens at the stage when your relationship has just been formed, then you may not even dream of further development and progress.

You are on different “waves”

Let’s say you realized that you want a comfortable home and peace of mind, but your partner wants to wander from place to place, travel and “put down roots” where you never even thought to live. You are not obliged to share the interests of each other, but if the position of one of you makes the other unhappy, is it worth continuing such a relationship?

One-way relationship

Only both partners can build a strong alliance. If one does much more, all initiatives come only from his side, and the second partner does not appreciate this and continues to live without giving anything in return. This relationship is unlikely to lead to something more. You should make mutual sacrifices for each other and try to make each other happy equally.

Lack of trust

If you cannot completely trust your partner, regardless of whether he/she gave reasons for this, then it is better not to torture yourself and your partner and end this relationship. This will only lead to constant hassle and eventually develop into paranoia.

When the motivation to work on the relationship is lost

If you do not want to do anything for each other, please with gifts, make sacrifices and overcome, spend less and less time together, then it is better to complete everything before you become enemies. You can’t live your whole life like a zombie who doesn’t leave his girlfriend just because it’s wrong. Over time, you will burn out and hate your life.

You spend your free time apart

Imagine: you’ve been working all week, and now it’s Friday night or weekend when it’s time to be together. So what’s going on? You prefer not to spend this time together. If the craving for each other has disappeared, there is no frantic desire to share every free minute with a loved one, then is it worth spending time on each other at all?

Lack of respect

Remember how it all began: you could not even say insulting words to each other, disputes quickly smoothed out, and the schedules were adjusted to one another; she respected you, and you respected her.

What now? You are careless in your words, which hurt and leave scars, and your partner’s time has lost all value. Relationships have become mutually consumer-oriented, and hopes for a happy future melt, like newcomers in front of a young teacher. I doubt it will be better.

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