95-year-old grandmother recovered from coronavirus in Italy

95-year-old Alma Clara Corsini from Fanano, a municipality in the northern Italian province of Modena, was hospitalized on March 5 after she became infected with the coronavirus. Meanwhile, the brave grandmother has fully recovered: she was released from the hospital on Friday.

Doctors confirmed to the local newspaper Gazzetta di Modena that 95-year-old Alma Clara Corsini was recovering without antiviral treatment, and her body was experiencing a “great reaction.” “Yes, I’m fine,” she said earlier this week.

“They were good people who took good care of me.” Corsini has been home since Friday. She is the first person from the province of Modena to recover from the virus.

Experimental medicine

Earlier this week, it was announced that a 97-year-old man, believed to be the oldest Italian cured of the coronavirus so far, was allowed to return to his home after a two-week hospitalization. He recovered due to the help of an experimental drug against Ebola.

In an effort to further curb the spread of the virus, all outdoor activities, including individual jogging and cycling, have been banned in Lombardy – Italy’s worst-hit region since Saturday. Anyone who violates the new rules risks a fine of up to 5,000 euros.

Daily Mail, Gazzetta di Modena
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