A car drives with a liter of Coca-Cola in the tank [Video]

A car that drives with a litre of Coca-Cola in the tank! Cola can rust metal, seems to cure stomach problems and reacts rather explosively on Mentos. But how far do you get into a car when a litter of cola is thrown into the tank?


The Russian lords of Garage 54 tried it out and posted the result on YouTube. They poured a bottle of Coca-Cola into the fuel tank and then drove around to see how far the car would be. That went well exactly 1.7 kilometres. Then the engine of the Lada began to sputter.

Reaction of the Coca-Cola

Then the car did not want to start, even after it was towed by another car. As expected, the Lada fuel filter was soaked with Coca-Cola, as was the carburettor. In the video they try to get the rusty Lada going again by emptying the fuel system and replacing the oil filter.

Watch the video of the experiment here:

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