A girl engage by a guy she meet on Facebook group and ask him out

Courage could not be the best character, yet it’s the character that guarantees all others. She was courageous and also was the first to ask the guy out, after sending him message privately. A year later, she is now engaged by the same guy.

Two love birds that met on the popular Facebook group ‘Rant HQ’ are now engaged to be married after the lady was bold enough to ask the guy out.

A girl engage by a guy she meet on Facebook group and ask him out

Blessing Bili said she sent the young man a private message on January 2018 after seeing his comment on the group and she “practically asked him out”. 1 year later, he proposed and she returned to the same group where they met to share her engagement story.

The young lady went on to share some words of advice for other women


She wrote:
We met on Rant HQ January 2018
I practically asked him out
Through his DM?
Bae if you love any man here
Ask him out
Buy pizza
In fact, pay his transport when he visits you if he insists give the Keke man
If he is mobile, drop the money at the back sit
It won’t take your life
RnB 2019
*He bought the ring himself

Blessing has sent perfect message to some ladies, we hope you’ve seen and emulate from her. Please gather the courage and ask the guy you admire out. It doesn’t mean you’re cheap.

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