A woman assaulted and raped in a building under construction

Considered to be a highwayman for committing multiple attacks and raped a sexagenarian in 2006.

Pape Dabo, born in 1981, recidivated on February 26, 2013 to the detriment of the lady MC, residing in Rufisque, in Senegal, following his prison stay in 6 years.

While on this one, joined quietly towards the blows of 6 o’clock in the morning at its place of work the day of the facts.

She was held in respect by Pape Dabo who threatened her with a knife before taken his ordeal in a building under construction.

Faced with resistance from his victim, Pape Dabo stabbed her very violently on the left thigh before laying her on the ground.

After sexually abusing her, he opens his bag and steals her Samsung branded mobile phone, a 1000 franc note and his national identity card, before abandoning her on the spot.

Thus, the day after her assault, the lady MC Sagna complained about the incident to the police station in Rufisque. And, the investigation opened by the bloodhounds made it known that this is the number 77 493 46.., identified in the name of the accused who issued from the cell phone of the lady MC Sagna, following a requisition made at the level of Sonatel.

A search, carried out in the home of the accused, located in Rufisque, on March 15 of the same year by the investigating officers had also allowed, to find the subscription sheet of the said number, a knife, the trousers lattice he used to wear during his criminal activities.

At the same time, the names Aissatou Sow and Ndeye Maty Diop have laid reports to the bloodhounds as victims of the accused.

The first named, merchant of his state states that on December 24, 2012, the accuse had attacked his victim by 3 o’clock in the morning around the market Castor, before stripping the sum of 15 thousand francs.

While the second argues that it was on January 13, 2013 that he had attacked her with a knife, before ordering her to give him the 50 thousand she held.

Heard in turn by the investigators, Pape Dabo, married and father of a child boot touches all charges without convincing his good faith. He says he never had to attack ladies. And, the number that emitted from the mobile of the victim belonged to him certainly. But he had lost it for a while, following a cell theft, which he was a victim.

In front of the criminal chamber of Dakar on Tuesday, after 5 years behind bars, all dressed in white and very strong, with his beards, the accused persists in his denials. Worse, he says the investigators have never found a lattice pants at home. But a panties. And the number 77 493 46…, is not his.

According to the representative of the Public Ministry, the facts are consistent with the accused. According to him, during an upholstering at the Rufisque Police Station, the accused was introduced into a group of five people and his three victims had all identified him.

“And, following the complaint of the lady MC Sagna, it is the investigators who ordered the same day a medical expertise for her, at the general hospital of Grand Yoff. One of the medical certificates attesting to the violence he had inflicted on his victim, reported the existence of several stitches and a tear in her left thigh with a 14-day Itt.

The other, for his part, attested certainly, an absence of recent hymenal wound and sperm on the private parts of his victim. But, the rape is constant. For the lady maintained that she was no longer a virgin and she had introduced herself immediately after her assault in a house to clean up her defilements.

“We are dealing with a person who is very dangerous to society. And, he does not hear.” He said.

Thus, he required 20 years of hard labor against him.

The defense meanwhile, pleaded the release for the benefit of the doubt. According to El Mamadou Guèye all the accusation rests on mere suppositions. And, the floor has just dwelt on the past of his client to load.

The case is postponed to April 3rd.

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