African fairy tale: The poor man and his beautiful wife

In this story, you will understand how some greedy rich men treat the poor people around them. That is why the African proverb says: How unfortunate that the crab who has swum great oceans and shores will eventually drown and die in an old woman’s pot.

This fairy tale explains an African proverb that says: “men can be blind as a bat when they are after women”. And also, explain the meaning of the Nigerian proverb that says: “A poor man’s fowl is his goat and never try to take it away from him”.

African tales
African tales

The title of this episode of African tale is “The poor man and his beautiful wife”.

One day the Sultan heard that a poor man had a beautiful wife. He became angry about why would a poor man marry a beautiful wife. He immediately went and took her to himself regardless of what will happen. When the poor man returned, his wife was not at home, and the neighbors said that the Sultan had taken her. So, the poor man thought: what to do now?

The poor man and his beautiful wife
The poor man and his beautiful wife

An idea appeared in his mind!…. Watch the Video below

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