African fairy tales: The wolf who had no heart

In today’s African fairy tale, hedgehog deceived lion, king of the beast, and ate the heart of Wolf.

This episode of African fairy tales and proverbs involves The wolf who had no heart.

One day, a lion, the king of beasts, is sick. He was ill for many days.

The animals began to visit him, coming one by one and wishing him a speedy recovery.

Came to him were the elephant, the tiger, the fox, the monkey, the hyena, and even the hedgehog has visited.

They came, said hello, kissed the master of the forest, and wished him health and long life.

And they wanted to know what ails him.

The lion thanked the hedgehog for his attention and said: My head hurts like it’s splitting, my whole body aches, and my legs are like weights tied to them.

“Oh! our lord, your ailment is clearer to me,” said the hedgehog, and “I can cure you, King of the Beasts!”

The lion became agitated and began to ask the hedgehog about the remedy he was to take.

The hedgehog took another close look at the lion and said: “You must eat the heart of the wolf.”.. Continue from here.

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