African fairy tales: How the Fox deceived the Hyena

This episode of African fairy tales and proverbs, involves Fox and Hyena. In this story, you will understand how someone can be fooled three times because of trust. That is why the African proverb says: As a lair continues to lie, her things continue to miss.

Today’s fairy tale explains an African proverb that says: “A sister is like an elbow; you can not cut it off.”

This episode of African fairy tale is “How the Fox deceived the Hyena”.

One day the Fox said to the Hyena: -Come with me, I’ll show you a place where you can get a good meal.

The Hyena was delighted and went with her.

The Fox led the Hyena to a pen where there were many cattle, but the pen was locked; they always locked it at night.

The Fox and the Hyena went around the fence, found a gap, and crawled into the pen.

They killed many cattle and began to eat.

But now, the Fox was full and decided to get out of the fence…. Continue from the video

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