African fairy tales: The woodcutter, His Friends, and Enemies

In today’s African fairy tales, you will discover how a woodcutter who saved his fellow man and animal was betrayed by the man while the animal rescued him.

The story goes that a woodcutter’s wife died, leaving him with seven children.

The woodcutter went to the forest every day and worked from morning till night but lived in great poverty.

For the forest, no matter how big it was, was thinning over time, and there were more and more woodcutters.

He was coming back from the forest one day, leading a donkey loaded with firewood. He had not chopped much wood that day.

Suddenly he heard some voices that seemed to come from under the ground. He was surprised and went to the voices to see who was talking. And he came across an abandoned well. He looked down, and at the very bottom, he saw a man, a snake, a mouse, and a lion.

“Save me, oh brother!” The man begged. Have pity on me and get me out of here, or I’ll be lost, for I am your brother, the man said. And I wish you nothing but good. Don’t let me die.

Before the woodcutter can say a word, the snake speaks: Don’t you dare save a man! His venom stings harder than mine. Save me, and only me! I am good for you. If you are in danger of death, I will save you. Continue reading here,

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