After 4 years, David Beckham reveals the name and logo of his football club

The club that David Beckham will launch in Major League Soccer from 2020 will be called Club International de Futbol Miami or Inter Miami FC. The former English international and the club have announced that on Wednesday.

The club also unveiled its logo, with two herons for a setting sun. There are seven sun rays to see “as a homage to the career of David Beckham”.

The former player of, among others, Manchester United, Real Madrid, AC Milan, and Paris Saint-Germain, wore the number 7 during his career. In Roman numbers, 2020 will be on the logo, the year in which the club will be launched.

Four years ago, Beckham, 43 years old, announced his plan to set up an MLS team in Miami. Due to, among other things, the opposition of the inhabitants of the city, he had difficulty building a stadium.

Together with moneylenders Jose and Jorge Mas, he has now bought a golf complex, where the new stadium has to be built. However, these plans still need to be approved by the city.

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