Agreement with an obese neighbor: $150 for lack of comfort

A man asked an obese fellow traveler for a fee of $150 because he overpowered part of his airplane seat because of his overweight. The obese man agreed and they went out again in peace. The injured traveler placed his story on Reddit, under the category ‘Am I an acorn now?’ And the reactions are divided.

The man with the username BigBawluh tells Reddit how he had chosen and paid for his seat for a five-hour flight: a place on the aisle in a row with two chairs, because he does not like sitting in the middle. He made it easy and looked something straight ahead. When he saw an obese passenger strolling along the aisle in his direction, he could already feel the rain. He was right: the man had the seat at the window. The obese man sat down beside him and at least one-third of his chair was taken in, which made him feel very uncomfortable.

He did not let grass grow over it. After a few minutes, he spoke to his neighbor about it: “This does not work for me, you take a considerable part of my place.” The heavier man shrugged and indicated that he could do little about it. He tried, according to the story of BigBawluh, to withdraw his arms somewhat to make himself somewhat less wide, but that did not help.

BigBawluh got the onboard crew, but they excluded the possibility that the man bought an extra seat in a row with two seats. The flight was full and he made a proposal to his neighbor: “You give me $150 and we leave it that way.” That was about half of what he had paid for his ticket. According to him, the heavier man immediately agreed and “seemed relieved that we could have arranged it.” In the line behind them were passengers who clearly condemned his behavior and called him an acorn. That had made him think and that’s why he wanted to get a pulse from the internet community what they thought of his solution.


On Reddit, many are in complete agreement with the back neighbors. “This is absurd. You are the prime example of an acorn. You have made a scene, put the man in front of you and then have him pay for a mini piece of your chair,” someone disapproved. “You have not arranged this at all. You brought in a steward, humiliated him and then extorted him for $150 so that he could keep on running.” Extortion recurs in many reactions. “With or without money, you had to sit next to the man for five hours as the flight was full. So now you have just benefited from being overweight,” someone remarked.

Other readers understand his position. “The obese man had to buy two chairs, this is his mistake. He did well. He agreed, you agreed,” it sounded. “Everything else has nothing to say about it because it was not about their chair that was taken in,” someone added.

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