Amazon under fire again: T-shirts Chilean ‘death flights’ for sale

Webshop Amazon is again under attack because of questionable items in the assortment. The company sells ‘funny’ T-shirts with pictures of the so-called death flights that were carried out during the reign of the Chilean dictator Pinochet, according to what the British newspaper The Guardian writes.

During General Pinochet’s military dictatorship (1973-1990), according to official figures, more than 3,000 opponents were murdered, although it is estimated that this number is much higher. In 2001 it became known that at least 120 of them were thrown out of helicopters over Chilean waters to conceal their death.

T-shirts depicting such flights have become popular among extreme right-wing groups and solely for sale through Amazon. On the shirts are pictures of helicopters, the face of Pinochet and falling people, with texts such as “Do you want to take a ride?”, “Free helicopter flights” and “Pinochet is my co-pilot”.

The effort of Guardian to contact Amazon on Thursday yields no result. However, some of the T-shirts disappeared offline. However, some of them are still available.

Amazon under fire again: T-shirts Chilean ‘death flights’ for sale
©Amazon – Part of the ‘Pinochet shirts’ collection from Amazon, some of which are still available.

The Guardian
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