American prisoner confesses murder of no fewer than 93 women

79-year-old Samuel Little confessed to having killed more than 90 women. He had previously admitted sixty victims. Little is thus the deadliest serial killer in American history.

The American serial killer is linked by the prosecutor in Texas to sixty murders. According to the investigation, these were committed in fourteen different states, prosecutor Bobby Bland reports.

79-year-old Samuel Little is already serving a life sentence for three murders. The authorities previously linked him to 34 deaths. According to CNN, Little cooperates with researchers from the various states and says he has killed at least ninety people.

American prisoner confesses murder of no fewer than 93 women
©EPA – Little signed at least thirty of its victims.

The man has been serving a life sentence for three murders since 2012. He was associated with 60 deaths before the summer, and the older man has now known the killing of 93 women. The facts took place between 1970 and 2005.

The victims are mainly women who were in prostitution or were drug addicts. The FBI has previously released portrait drawings of several women, which Little himself has outlined of his alleged victims.

According to the FBI, Little’s confessions are credible, and 50 serial killer stories have already been verified. Little drew at least 30 of his victims, mostly women. He strangled women, but many deaths were initially thought to be an overdose or an accident. The FBI hopes to be able to identify the women and solve many cold cases based on the sketches.

American prisoner confesses murder of no fewer than 93 women

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