American took off carpool lane with fake skeleton in front seat

Put on a hat, put on a shirt, and tightened. “That’s how it’s supposed to work,” a 62-year-old man in the US state of Arizona must have thought when he was driving over the carpool lane with a fake skeleton in the front. Unfortunately, an attentive agent quickly understood the trick.

According to spokesman Raul Garcia of the security region in Tempe, an agent of the state police pulled the man to the side on Thursday, after he saw ‘Skeletor’ sitting in the front seat. The driver of the car had neatly put the bony co-driver upright in the seat, put on a hat to disguise him and put on a ventilated jacket, and then tied him up tightly with a piece of rope.

American took off carpool lane with fake skeleton in front seat
©Arizona Department of Public Safety

Apparently grateful for the ride, the bony passenger held the driver’s lunchbox on his stiff knees. Unfortunately, that does not meet the requirements of the law on the use of the carpool lane, and so, sir went for $400. He also received a second ticket because the windows of his car were tinted too dark.

Garcia says traffic cops fine about 7,000 offenders every year. In April last year, during a checkup, they stumbled upon someone who had a dressed mannequin in the car. A sweater, baseball cap, and sunglasses were to no avail then either. Just like the baby doll that a lady had installed in the front seat, she also went on the receipt.

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