AMLO and the love of Mexicans: “You have no right to fail us”

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, besides being the president of Mexico, is loved and cheered by people, who want to be close to him in different ways even if only to greet him.

AMLO (as it is known in Mexico), lends himself to contact with people, takes pictures with the people who ask for it. And is open to listening to the needs of those who come to him.

In social networks circulates a video in which a motorist is happy to meet the president, who was traveling in a white van. And did not hesitate to lower his glass and take his hand out the window to greet him.

The president was traveling in a van (Video: Twitter @SalvadorZA)

“Mr. President, good morning,” the driver told him, while the Enrique Iglesias song was heard in the background, “I will never forget you”. “Good morning, how are you?” Replied the founder of the National Regeneration Movement (Brunette), while stretching his arm through the window to greet him with a handshake.

“What a ple asure to see,” the motorist replied while the Mexican president sent him good wishes with a “that’s going very well”.

This is a natural reaction that Lopez Obrador has had with the people who stop him on his way. Or who have been able to sneak into the morning conferences, he offers to talk about the progress of his government.

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador often appears in networks in common places, without escorts, traveling on commercial flights, and open to conversation.

The contact with the president

On December 1, the date he took the protest as the first leftist president in Mexico, it transcended in the media that a cyclist caught up with him, as he travelled in his classic white Jetta car on the way from his home to the inauguration ceremony.

The president got down from his vehicle to help her (Photo: Twitter @ RevistaPolemón)

At that time, the cyclist pronounced a phrase that would mention in the Chamber of Deputies: “You have no right to fail us”, a slogan that has remained for history and with which he publicly committed himself.

On Thursday morning, in the municipality of Jojutla, in the state of Morelos, the President of Mexico embraced a woman who fell in front of her truck for wanting to approach him. The president did not hesitate a minute to leave his vehicle to help her.

In a good manner of approach, the crowd did not get tired of chanting “president, president” and thanked him for his good will, these eventualities are recurrent anywhere he goes. Also, in Tepic, Nayarit, ALMO was captured in an Oxxo buying a coffee during a tour in the city, some images were taken with the employees. Not only, that even in the commercial premises.

The president of Mexico agreed to the requests for photography

Luis Alberto Guzman, who was in the grocery, told the newspaper Excelsior, “it was something we did not expect, because we were about to change the shift and have come in particular to this Oxxo is something that flatters us.”

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