Anger of the UDPS after the Kabila raid in the Senate

In the DRC, several angry demonstrations were recorded the day after the publication of the results of the senatorial elections. These results mark a large victory for the Common Front for Congo, the coalition of former President Joseph Kabila, against allegations of corruption.

At least one person was killed during Saturday’s skirmishes in the capital Kinshasa, where several hundred supporters of President Felix Tshisekedi expressed anger by setting fire to inflamed tires and erecting barricades on the roads.

The supporters of the Congolese president accuse the provincial deputies of their party, of being corrupted; according to them, explains their defeat in the senatorial elections.

The UDPS, the party of President Tshisekedi was able to elect only one senator while the pro-Kabila coalition has won two-thirds of the seats in the upper house of parliament.

Ex-President Kabila’s party offices were ransacked by protesters in Kinshasa and Goma. In Mbuji-Mayi, a police officer was even killed by the protesters.

Anger of the UDPS after the Kabila raid in the Senate
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“What is serious is that since very early Udps militia poses insurrectional acts in Mbujimay and elsewhere, channels have spoken, but the hierarchy of the UDPS says nothing to calm the situation. The PNC cannot do anything since the militia is Udps,” confirms Jimmy Bashile of the civil society.

“They arrived and ransacked everything, a policeman in his guard was killed and two weapons carried away.”

Politician Alphonse Ngoy Kasanji, elected senator under the pro-Kabila FCC label, demands that those involved in Saturday’s unrest be arrested and punished. With this large majority in parliament, the pro-Kabila coalition now has the power to revise the constitution or to indict the incumbent head of state.

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