Angry customer releases different snakes at owner’s office [Video]

In revenge for a gas station’s refusal to give him bottled gasoline, a man released different species of snakes into the owner’s office in India. A specialist then captured the reptiles.

A man dropped snakes at a petrol station in the Indian state of Maharashtra after being refused a jerrycan of petrol, reports the NDTV website. The incident occurred on July 13.

CCTV cameras captured the moment when the individual approached the open door of the gas station owner’s office with a package and released a large snake that zigzagged away and hid under the furniture.

As indicated by the source, the disgruntled client, annoyed by this refusal, released a total of three snakes, including two cobras, into the office.

According to the report, a snake hunter was later called in to capture the reptiles.

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