Another fuss: priest apologizes for touching Ariana Grande’s breast

The fuss that rise around the funeral of Aretha Franklin, which prompted the priest who led the service apologized to Ariana Grande.

During the ceremony he stood on stage with the singer, putting his hand around her waist and pressing against the side of her chest.

After the criticism of the outfit of Ariana Grande, it is now Charles H. Ellis III who has to pay it. When many viewers saw how the man put his fingers against the singer’s chest, the hashtag #RespectAriana went viral on Twitter.

There was shame about the public sensing of the singer. Certainly, because Ariana, according to many, had made it clear with her body language that she was not served with the touch.

“Respectless and completely inappropriate”: Ariana Grande gets a critique of tribute to Aretha Franklin

The bishop now apologizes for his behaviour. “It would never be my intention to touch the breast of any woman. I do not know, I think I just put my arm around her,” he says.

“Maybe I crossed a border, maybe I was too friendly or too familiar. I would therefore like to apologize. I cuddled every artist yesterday, both male and female. I have given them all a hand and a hug. love revolves around the church and everything revolves around love”.

Misplaced joke
The priest also apologizes for mocking Ariana’s name. He joked during the service that when he first saw her name, he thought it was a new dish at fast food chain Taco Bell.

“If you have to finish a 9-hour program, you try to keep it alive with a joke here and there,” he explains.

“That I draw the attention of the day to me is the last thing I wanted. should all go to Aretha Franklin.”

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