Apple techie fired after he sent spicy photo of customer to himself

The American Gloria Fuentes from Bakersfield in California last week brought her iPhone to an Apple store to have the broken screen replaced. As a precaution, she collected a number of apps, including those for social media and her banking affairs. She never thought that the Apple Store employee would have foreseen it in her photos.

“I was still planning to delete all my photos but forgot because I received a text message that my appointment was early. So I had to hurry,” Fuentes writes on Facebook. Upon arrival, she handed her defective device to the Apple employee, who energetically started working with it or so it seemed. She soon noticed that the repairman ‘took the time’ for the repair.

“I didn’t really have any doubts about it, because I thought he was just doing his job.” Even when the man asked her password twice, Gloria didn’t ring a bell. “I thought he wanted to see my insurance details or something, and I didn’t think about it at the time,” she says in her message. When the electronic gem was equipped with a new display, she drove home.


Once at home, her initial objections proved well-founded. When the woman turned on her phone, she saw a message that had been sent to an unknown number. The content of the message made her horrific. The Apple man had gone through her photos and had sent a very personal snapshot to himself. “When I saw that, I cried for a long time. I cannot express how disgusting I found it. I wanted to scream when I opened the message.”

Gloria had taken the spicy photo for her boyfriend more than a year earlier, she says. “This guy went through my photo gallery and sent himself one of my most intimate photos. The photo I took for my friend also contained my geolocation, so now he knows where I live!”

Secret employee dismissed

Fuentes went back to the store after the painful discovery on high legs, where the manager promised her to ‘dive in’. She confronted the sneaky employee herself, who admitted that the number was his, but said she had no idea how the message was sent, reports The Washington Post. Apple did not let it go and immediately fired the man.

“Apple immediately started an internal investigation and we are grateful that this worrying situation has been reported,” the company said to the newspaper. “We have found that the employee has violated the strict privacy rules that everyone is held to. He no longer works for our company.” In her Facebook message, Gloria announced that she would file a complaint with the police against the bold man.

Fuentes hopes that others will learn lessons from her painful experience. “I share this because iPhones are a must-have among young people and I cannot imagine that I am the only one who this has happened to,” it sounds. “What if he did this to someone’s teenage daughter, or to any woman whatsoever! I have no idea if he only sent the photo that he forgot to erase and what he intends to do with it!”

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