Argentina: 500kg of cannabis disappear after seizure, police accuse mice

The excuse seemed a little big to police officers of Argentine police investigating the disappearance of 540 kilos of cannabis seized a few days earlier in the province of Buenos Aires, tells Franceinfo. To justify this disappearance, the agents accused… the mice!

The story began with an inspection of a warehouse, 60km from the Argentine capital, in which six tons of cannabis were seized by the police. This inspection had been requested by Emilio Portero, commissioner who had just succeeded Javier Specia. The latter, in a suspicious manner, had not signed the official documents attesting to the seizure, continues Franceinfo.

No dead mouse

Finally, the inspection established that only 5.46 tonnes were in the building. When they asked the former commissioner and his subordinates for explanations, they answered in heart that the drug had been “eaten by the mice”.

A theory undermined by experts, who said that “if a large group of mice had eaten all that, there would be a lot of corpses in the warehouse.” Eight policemen, in total, were suspended. They will be presented to justice in early May.

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