Argentinian politician suspended after kissing breasts during parliament session

An Argentinian parliamentarian was suspended on Thursday after kissing his partner’s breasts during a digital session of the House of Commons. Juan Emilio Ameri thought he was not connected to the internet at the time, he said afterward. He has since resigned as a member of parliament.

Ameri’s action came into view while another member of the House of Commons delivered a speech on a large video screen placed in the parliament building. The screen also showed other representatives of the people who attended the parliament session from home due to the corona virus.

The South American country has a domestic travel ban, making it impossible for parliamentarians outside the capital to reach the parliament building.

Lower house chairman Sergio Massa stopped the session after seeing Ameri’s caress. Not much later, the Member of Parliament was suspended. “These past months of telecommuting , we’ve had multiple incidents where delegates fell asleep or someone was hiding,” said Massa. “But today we have had a situation where the boundaries of this House have really been crossed.”

Bad internet connection

Ameri, who is from the northwestern province of Salta, tried to apologize after the incident, saying he thought he and his partner were not in the picture. “Here in the interior the connection is very bad,” said the MP. Ameri added that his partner had recently received breast implants and asked how she was doing at the time.

That same evening Ameri submitted his resignation as a parliamentarian to Chairman Massa. His letter of resignation was published on twitter by a local journalist.


It is not the first time that the politician has been discredited. Ameri was already controversial in his home province of Salta because of several investigations into abuse. He was also accused of sexual harassment by a minor party member in 2019.

In chat logs released by the alleged victim, you can read how Ameri suggests that he can help the minor find a job if she ‘helps’ him. In a later conversation, he asks if the victim is willing to date another party member.

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