Ariana Grande replaces tattoo for ex Pete by tribute to ex Mac Miller

Ariana Grande removes the memories of her romance with Pete Davidson one by one from her body. An attentive fan saw images behind the scenes of her ‘Thank You, Next’ video clip that the singer had a tattoo covered on her foot with a new picture.

Since last summer, the number 8418 tattooed on the base of Ariana, the number of the fire service badge of the father of Pete. Scott Davidson was killed during rescue work at the 9/11 attack.

In the clip, Ariana shows that the name ‘Myron’ now stands on the spot where that tribute was once recorded. According to E! is that the name of the Mac Miller dog, Ariana’s ex who died in September after an overdose.

Pete and Ariana had put a lot of tattoos in the few months they were together to celebrate their love. Since their break in October, they have both made several visits to a tattoo artist to adapt those body decorations. Unintentionally they also got similar tattoos in the meantime: Pete had the rabbit ears, a familiar look of Ariana, transformed behind his ear into a black heart. Ariana had the name Pete removed from her finger, but also chose a heart in the colour black.

An attentive fan noticed that the tattoo on the foot of Ariana has been adjusted in the meantime

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