Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande present weather forecast: “We are soaked”

Lady Gaga (34) and Ariana Grande (26) have temporarily changed jobs for fun. The singing duo presented The Weather Channel together to promote their new single ‘Rain On Me’.

In the video, Gaga and Ariana are both at home under an umbrella ‘in the rain’ as they take a closer look at the predictions for the coming days.

Gaga’s assistant and Ariana’s suspected new boyfriend Dalton Gomez provide the fallout with a garden hose.

“It was beautiful just yesterday. But oh well, how things have changed today. It is pouring rain. We are soaking wet and while some are complaining of the recent down or we would like to celebrate the rain live from Beverly Hills is Ariana Grande with Lots of reports, says Lady Gaga.

“Thank God, rain on me still on here, but people are still going,” Ariana Grande responded.

“So true Ariana, the world is rising up in a massive act of kindness. To celebrate the rain in the world. So desperately need to quench The Thirst of the Earth are we thirsty or what?”

“Oh, we are thirsty and Rain On Me. Yes, bring on the rain. We are more ready than ever to work together. It’ll be raining all summer, but will surely be dancing at us. We’re soaking wet,” Gaga concluded

The song ‘Rain On Me’ was released last Friday. The accompanying clip has now been viewed more than 53 million times.

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