Ariana Grande settles with ex in new song ‘Thank You, Next’

Ariana Grande (25) has released a song about her broken relationship with comedian Pete Davidson and her former friend Mac Miller who committed suicide earlier this year. The song title is called ‘Thank You, Next.

Grande dropped the song half an hour before the broadcast of the Saturday Night Live (SNL) sketch show on Saturday night. And she had a good reason for this: Davidson is a comedian with the program and made a joke about their relationship break, which did not go well with the singer.

In ‘Thank You, Next’ the singer goes into her four previous relationships, next to Davidson and Miller she also discusses rapper Big Sean and Ricky Alvarez. Contrary to what was expected, she did not go out to Davidson or her other exes but thanked them for what they had taught her. “One has taught me something about love, the other about patience. Yet another about pain,” the song goes. “I have loved and I have lost, so you might say. But that’s not how I see it. Look at what you have taught me. That’s why I say: ‘Thanks, to the next’.”

Davidson also discussed the relationship with Grande during the conscious broadcast of SNL, one and a half hours after the song came out. “I know that some of you are curious about the break, but honestly, nobody has anything to do with it. Sometimes it just does not work, and that’s okay. She is a wonderful, strong person and I sincerely wish her all the happiness of the world. Now just vote for Tuesday, okay?”

Grande and Davidson got married four weeks after they got a relationship in June. On 7 September, the ex of Grande Mac Miller died, with whom she had a relationship for four years. Shortly afterwards she broke the engagement with Davidson.

Grande is now fully focused on her career and released her fourth album ‘Sweetener’ two months ago. Last week she also announced a tour. It concerns 42 shows in North America between March and June 2019. It is expected that Europe, Asia and Oceania will come next.

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