Armed forces response to reportedly Coup d’etat in Sudan

Did the Sudanese army foil a coup? In any case, the military has denied reports that it has foiled a coup attempt planned by officers.

Renewing its commitment to protecting Sudan and the transitional period, the Sudanese army has, this Sunday, September 12, 2021, denied the information relayed by many newspapers in this East African country, reporting that it would have foiled a coup attempt planned by officers.

“Some media outlets have reported false information that the armed forces have foiled a coup attempt, pointing to the involvement of some parties through members of the army.”

“Your armed forces categorically deny this information while keen to complete the process of change and achieve the objectives of the Sudanese revolution,” said the army in a statement.

Denouncing in the strongest terms the dissemination of false information, which affects the very symbols of the Sudanese Republic, the army has brandished the threat to crack down on all those involved in the dissemination of false news. Especially in these times of high tension in the country with pressure from all sides, including the international community calling for compliance.

On April 11, 2019, the Sudanese army deposed former President Omar Bashir while in power for three decades.

The army’s coup followed widespread protests over the deteriorating economic situation. The coup announcement came as Sudan is going through a 54-month transitional period of power-sharing. Elections are scheduled for 2024.

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