Armed rebels commit mass murder in Ethiopia: “Dozens killed”

Suspected armed rebels have committed mass murder of civilians in Ethiopia’s Oromia region. Local government officials have said so.

The massacre, which the local authorities have called a “brutal act of terrorism”, took place yesterday evening in the Guliso area of the Oromia region, where armed men and civilians, mainly belonging to the Amhara ethnic community, were arrested and executed.

“Women, children, the elderly and young people were injured, kidnapped and murdered,” the regional government said in a statement.

Local authorities suspect the armed rebel group and more ethno-nationalist movement Oromo Liberation Army to be behind the massacre, but no group has yet claimed responsibility for the attack.

An exact death toll is not yet known; local media speak of “a few dozen deaths”.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Monday condemned the “heartbreaking” attack.

The Amhara ethnic group is the second-largest ethnic group in Ethiopia after the Omoro. The two groups have a protracted conflict, with the Omoro accusing the Amhara of marginalizing them.

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