Arson and violence ravages north of Brazil

In the north of Brazil, criminal gangs have launched a violent campaign against stricter rules for detainees. Since the beginning of this year, in the state of Ceara, up to 93 times during the night, a fire was set on or an attack will be carried out against vehicles, banks and shops. That reports the internet portal G1.

According to provincial governor Camilo Santana, criminal gangs are behind the facts. They want to force the authorities to withdraw the stricter control of detainees, he says.

The government of the new-born extreme-right Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro sent some 450 extra security forces this weekend to Ceara to strengthen the local police. More than one hundred suspects were arrested. For example, the stricter rules for overcrowded prisons in Ceara should prevent the smuggling of mobile phones.

The measures must break the power of the criminal organizations in the punishment institutions. After the announcement the violence started in Fortaleza and 25 other cities in the province, according to the governor.

©AP – Vehicles are also set on fire in Fortaleza.

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