Atta ants: The only creatures on the planet capable of teleportation?

Those who invented the benefits of civilization are truly brilliant beings. No, we are not praising the human race, it is already quite arrogant. Megacities, a complex network of infrastructures, and even agriculture – all this is the merit of the ants, which we shamelessly communized. But even now, humanity has a lot to learn from tiny arthropod workers. Meet the masters of teleportation – atta ants or leafcutters!

Before we move on to the paranormal, it’s worth explaining for the goosebumps themselves. After all, our heroes are not simple forest redheads that mess around in the local park. Atta ants are building hefty megacities with a diameter of 15 meters and 6 meters in depth! The population of one such city can reach up to 7 million individuals! You can find a miracle of engineering in the rainforests of South America.

Atta ants (Leafcutters) cutting leaves
Atta ants (Leafcutters) cutting leaves

For each type of activity, ants have special chambers compartments. For example, one cell is a nursery, another is for the queen, the third is for garbage, and so on.

The genius of hard workers did not stop at the construction of giant structures. In documentaries, you probably have seen more than once how our heroes drag leaves into the anthill in orderly rows. After all, it’s not for nothing that they were called leafcutters.

If you thought that the atta ants were bringing food in to the house, then this is partly true. Only arthropods do not feed themselves with leaves, but mushrooms that they grow and eat! Atta are one of the few creatures on the planet who have successfully mastered agriculture!

The different appearance of ants is caused by the different work they do. This phenomenon is called polymorphism. Uterus, soldier, three types of workers.

If tiny insects have mastered what we have been going through for millennia, the possibility of teleportation of these superintelligences no longer seems so fabulous. Especially since their heads are so big! Brainy podi.

In fact, such large heads are needed in order to set in motion the huge jaws that the ant wields to cut the leaf.

One experiment tells about the supernatural abilities of leafcutters. To protect the queen, the ants build strong chambers. They are so strong that they cannot be pierced with a crowbar or a hammer—one problem. Despite the fact that our madam is the queen and has the right to any move, she cannot break out. The passages are too narrow — they are intended for the servants of the uterus, who feed her and take her babies to nurse.

To protect the queen, the ants build strong chambers.
To protect the queen, the ants build strong chambers. ©Jamesprovost

The queen looks extremely creepy compared to ordinary worker ants.

A group of testers cut off part of the camera to observe the life of the monarch. As long as the camera remains open or covered with a piece of glass, nothing happens. However, if you close the camera tightly for just a few minutes, the uterus will disappear!

Moreover, she will appear unharmed in exactly the same cell on the other side of the anthill! And this, even though the queen herself does not move, and it is possible to place her in a narrow manhole leading to the royal mansions only in parts.

To make sure that the queen is the same, the experimenters stained the uterus by marking it.

And, it would seem, here it is – a scientific discovery that will turn our world upside down! Only the problem is that the above miracle is described in a single work of cryptozoologist Ivan Sanderson. No myrmecologist (specialist in ants) can confirm the results of the test that this venerable “scientist” “observed”. But the bike was scattered all over the Internet.

So, friends and comrades, not all books carry the light of knowledge. Sometimes, lousy fiction drags into the pool of ignorance worse than a meme. Without a doubt, leafcutters are incredibly cool guys, but they are still far from teleportation.

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